10 Q's.

Over the years, Mechadrake has been made strong through hard work, dedication, sacrificial goats, love, the planets, moon prisim power, and crystal tiaras.

But if J pop has taught us anything, it's that friends are bloody important. And so's the case for Mechadrake. This section gives tribute to all of you who deserve belly-rubs...

None of this would be possible without the unfailing sweetness of my good spore-friend Shinkuu, who provided us with web-space on the esteemed Spores.net. He's also given us our new guestbook, and his friendship over the years. :)

A lot of people taught me the tricks and traps of web design over the years. These include Deadnail, Mandi, Riptear, SantaSparky, StingChameleon, Tango, and Redflute. Thanks guys! You're great, but you don't get any sappiness like Shinks. :)

Thanks to Mike Streeter, who does an excellent job with the fanfics! Because he's such a cool guy, I'll spell his name in leet. /\/\!(< 3. Hm, I'm not fluent yet.

Our domain name is courtesy of my fantastic older brother-thing, Adam. No NameZero for me! Ha ha ha.

The Ukemura (the artist formally known as Ice Blue X) is the creator of, and helps me keep an eye on, the new boards. So give her a kiss. KIIIISSS HEEEER!

Thanks to everyone who submits fanart and fanfic! Your stuff is bueno. Keep it coming!

And lastly, thanks to my loving husband, Nytetrayn, who's always ready with advice for the site and the rest of life's gutter-journeys, even if I don't listen sometimes. ;) I love you anyway.

Here is a picture I did for Shinkuu. Hahaha, thought I would forget it, didn't you, you evil mushroom? Some things are forbidden to change.