But she grew up tall
And she grew up right
With them Indiana boys
On an Indiana night.


like exploiting Laguna.

Contrary to what the song lyrics tell you, I did not grow up tall. I barely clear five feet.

My first name is Nadia, and my middle name is Ethyne. Can you pronounce that? Didn't think so.

I was born in July of 1980, so I'm a Cancerous Monkey.

I'm married, and I live in Canada. The stereotypes are true ... we all love hockey, the Queen, the letter 'u', our health care, and spending at least an hour a day pouring warm maple syrup on our neighbours and slowly licking it off. It's a nice tradeoff instead of regular access to gun shops.

I'm half Irish, and as is required of Irish law, I like beer. I'm part Hungarian, and as is required of Hungarian law, I like to eat the parts of the cow you're supposed to throw away. The last few gallons of my blood comes from the Carpathian Mountains, and here's where I betray my ancestry. I can't stand Anne Rice or angsty poetry about vampires.

I've been playing Megaman games since I was small, and am still fatally drawn to their comfortingly predictible stories and repetitive gameplay. If I had any sense, I'd get myself tested for OCD.

Thanks for the visiting Mechadrake, and congradulation!!