Them things is open again!

Yes, I'll be doing writing Commissions once more, but there's a slight revision: I'm not going to charge a set price. Unlike commissioned illustrators, my raw materials come pretty cheap. I already have my laptop. It's bustin' down around my ears, but I got it.

So what do you pay me? What you think my work is worth, basically. Of course, if you want a hardcopy of your story mailed to you (with a thank-you letter signed by me :D), I'll have to charge you le postage.

I'm also available to help edit stories, essays, etc, for school. Take care, I'm not a professional tutor, but I can at least help you smooth things out.

Just make sure I'm helping you with your English class. My swahili is lousy.

This looks like a good time to let Mr FAQ take over.

Mr FAQ Asks:

"How do I commission you?"

Email me at samus(at)mechadrake(dot)com, and we'll talk shop. Include "Commission" in the title, if you would.

"What will you write for me?"

Whaaaatever you like. I'm pretty open-minded, barring questionable stuff involving children. If that's what you want, punch yourself in the gut. If I'm doing something about an original character or universe of yours, though, you'll have to provide adequate background information.

"How do I pay you?"

I take Paypal (preferred), money orders, whatever. Just let me know your preference.

"So I can pay you what I think you're worth? What if I decide to give you a nickel?"

I'd be very unhappy with you.

Any other questions? Mail me!