Mechadrake Analog?

(Thanks to Tim Flanagan for his suggestions on content and layout)

June 15th, 2002

Submission time is over! I've begun work on this monster, so keep an eye on the Forum for any major updates. I'll leave the submission information up, but I'm not taking anymore submissions for now. So, like, don't mail any. Don't turn this into Mechadrakes for Dummies or the Fanfic Soundtracks. /_\


Inspired by Toastyfrog's Zine, I've been wanting to make a Mechadrake fanzine (yet unnamed). A printed hardcopy sent to your house all the way from Merry Olde Chanada.

Format is undecided. It will either be 8x10, or 4x5. Length will be approximately 30 pages ... likely more if the 4x5 format is decided upon.

It will have a Mechadrake flavour, but will not be exclusive to content on this site, or even Megaman. The first issue won't have a "theme," but later issues will. I'm interested in all sorts of ideas, and not everything will appear in the first issue. I want to cover game reviews, webpage reviews, character bios, maybe a "fancharacter of the month" sort of deal. Submissions will be welcome in art, reviews, and articles. Websites, characters, and fan characters will be covered by myself.

When the first issue is completed, it will go on sale. Prices are undetermined at this point, and will range somewhere between 2 and 3 dollars. A listing of the content will appear in this section so you can decide for yourself if you want to be ripped off!


Still taking submissions!

READ THE SUBMISSION RULES VERY CAREFULLY! If you have any questions at all, mail me at THIS address before you submit!

I will look over everyone's entries. I may not use them for the first issue, and will hang onto them for another issue. I may not use them at all. But I'll provide feedback and let you know where you stand! If I don't mail you back within a week, bug me again.


Write an article or review on any entertainment-based matter you choose. Movies, games, books, and music are strong suggestions. As I mentioned before, the first issue isn't going to have a theme to follow, so be free. Maximum 500 words. Articles may be edited for content and length. For the love of God, use spelling and grammar check. Get a friend to re-read your submission if you're not confident. I won't consider any entries fraught with baffling "English." Submit in text or rich text formats only. Submissions go to


The first issue's cover art is already being done by Tim Flanagan, so thanks anyway. ;) Fan art submissions for the fanzine follow a very different set of rules than for Mechadrake's fanart gallery, so read carefully:

The fanzine will be black and white, so colour entries will not be accepted (they'll look like crap). Entries must be inked or outlined in black. Pencil outlines do not print nicely. Photoshop touch ups, etc. are acceptable, as long as no colour is involved. SCAN YOUR ARTWORK AT 300 DPI and 100% magnification! Send submissions to


Not taking any more submissions for now.

Thanks! Questions?