They could be in your room. They could be in your basement. They might be waiting for you under your car, wielding a big knife. They have great stories and wicked artwork. They're the X mangas. And they're here!

Yes, the following pictures and stories are from the elusive X mangas. Isn't that grand? Best of all, thanks to buddies like Wave and Son Gosai and Redflute, I actually have a rough idea of what's going on in some of these kooky pictures. :) The mangas present some interesting twists to the regular X storyline ... Cain is a party animal, Iris is actually a respectible crackwhore, X either cries or throws up at least once in every volume, and Mary the Pirate / Mermaid is the coolest of 'em all. :P

I have a major backlog of scans. Give me time, you'll see new stuffs! Special thanks to:

Proto Man X
Son Gosai
Dark Helmet
Neon Tiger

ATTENTION! I've gotten a number of emails (several that were actually quite nasty) telling me that "Mary" is actually "Marti" or "Merti" or some rot. I really don't care, and neither should you. Thanks anyway.

May 6th -- Finally, some new manga scans! I got a lot of requests for certain pictures, and while I seriously wanted to fufill them, my computer's new habit of crashing when the fancy takes it makes it very hard to scan stuff. Plus, I was bending the manga spines out of shape.

So there's only a few new pics for now. But expect more once I get some more RAM in this damnable thing...

Manga Images

Cain braids Zero's hair. I think it's time he goes to a place where the plastic soldiers won't bother him aaaaanymore.

Here we have a panel of X all teary over the loss of Zero after his battle with Vile.

Zero's fed up with Cain.

And here we have a pic of Mary, the oul' pirate bitch who's always putting on a show for X's attention.

Goody! Iris has already begun haunting the mangas! Here's a picture of her on the verge of tears as Zero tells her off.

I was recently delivered a picture of X's girlfriend, Mary, in her true form...a mermaid! Now I've seen everything!


Speaking of alcoholics, X and Zero aren't much better at holding their liquor, it seems. At least neither of them have a lampshade over their head.

X and Zero dancing or something. What the hell?

This pic is guarenteed to make you go 'Awwww'!

An injured Zero screeches at Iris as she tries to help him feel better.

Iris strikes back, proving to us that she's more than just a submissive crackwhore. ;)

A great close up of Zero's face! Too bad X and Split Mushroom spoil the scenery.

Run Iris, run!

Mary is cool cuz she's the leader of the Pirates, just like that chick in the music video by Aqua.

A lone dragon peers down at Mary and X. Contemplating lunch, perhaps.

A frightened Mary cowers beside X.

...Has anyone bothered to tell Mary that she forgot to put pants on before she went out!?

A dying Iris says her last few words to Zero. Cute, no?

...and sure enough, Iris kicks the bucket, leaving a bit of an upset Zero.

Following Iris' death, Zero does that pick up Iris' dead body and scream stuff, a la the happy anime scene in Mega Man X4.

While trying to fix his screwed up arm cannon, Zero thinks about his very dead friend, X.

Zero looks on in surprise as Colonel saultes him and says a whole bunch of junk that I have no hope in hell of ever understanding.

Here's a nice one; Zero stands in a starlit field after a rough battle.

One of my favourites: X comforts a little girl whose dog gets killed by a Maverick.

Behold Colonel! In all his glory!

Zero looking all important and serious.

X pays respects to a dead friend

Zero's slightly embarrased about screwing up a fight where Colonel had to save his buttocks.

Zero up on a roof. Surprised? Didn't think so!

X remembers something Zero said to him while in the heat of a battle. Gollywog, that's a great place to recall things.

Ride 'em Demonboy!

Zero rushes to somewhere or other on a cool bike. Notice his hair? :)

I scanned this one because of the BRILLIANT dialouge exchange!!

A Maverick tries to get X to kill a human girl. What a mean fellow.

A very cool reploid announces that humans are the inferior species.

Zero stops Cain in time before he recieves a lecture from the scientist.

Zero yells orders at a reploid behind him.

Instead of killing her, carries the girl home. Good exchange.

The ghost of Dr. Light meets X for the first time and hugs him. Awww! Just like that movie, 'Ghost'!

X helps an animal in distress...and he recieves his reward!

X goes crackers on Zero after the Crimson One announces that Sting Chameleon's forest must be burned down to kill the brainwashed animals.

Zero looking smug.

Zero's STILL embarrased about screwing up a battle where Colonel had to rescue him.

Love this one: Zero flinging his hand over his shoulder for no reason at all. :)

Mary kicks X whilst calling him a pervert and a lecher.

Bass plays Prof. Science as he fiddles with electricity!

Okay,this one is just TOO funny! Bass' interview with the media!

It's Zero's Axl Rose impression!

I scanned this one for Aspect ... LOTSA DEAD HUMANS!

X and Dr. Cain recall all the things that make life worthwhile ... flowers, sunshine, children, and Aerosmith videos.

Look! X has a kitty!

X's arm cannon decides to ... melt(?) ... at the worst possible time.

Lex and I were laughing out loud on the subway while we winningly dubbed this picture "Zero Passed Out On The Grass!"

Zero bashes the floor . In the next panel (not shown), he is presented with a bill. Ha ha.

This one confuses me ... it looks as if Zero is leading a buncha Mavericks. Hmm. Well, this scan IS from the X2 mangas, so who knows? Maybe he DOES become a 'Hellfire' of sorts for a while. ;)

X makes friends with a bunch of beasts he rescued from Sting.

After Iris is attacked by the X4 dragon, Zero checks to see if she's all right (don't get your hopes up, she's alive!)

"My angel is the Centerfold!"

A NAKED WOMAN! Now that I've got your, seriously, it's a naked angel that X dreams about for some crazy reason. Too much Sarah McLaglahn.

Some kind of animal takes a potty break on one of Zero's weapons. Why the hell are they laughing?

Zero asks Colonel if Iris is her sister.

Zero is...cloudwatching. Yes...cloudwatching...Hold me, I'm scared.

Iris has a more drastic tactic to get Zero and Colonel to stop fighting. Doesn't she look drunk in this one? :)

Wow! Iris can aim a gun! Great target choice, say I!

Zero apparently isn't interested in seeing Iris' brains splatter all over the wall. Aw.

Everyone is partying except for Zero, who's looking out a window. Maybe no one wants to dance with him? Awwww!

See how much maternal instinct Zero has? Isn't it touching?

Ah...can't be described really, but horribly funny it is. :)

Zero has himself a very hearty laugh at Blast Hornet's expense! What's being said here, I'd love to know! :D

Iris faints into Zero's arms. Snort.


X stands at what appear to be the gates of Hell or some such rot...

WATCH OUT! She's got a screwdriver!'s a, it's a burger flipper...wait...

I don't think U2 would approve of this.

Teal falls and falls some more. If I knew her role exactly, I'd be sad I bet.

Kinda poetic... If I weren't damned lazy, I'd have a field day describing this scene with carefully chosen words :)

Nothin' like a mermaid to teach ya to swim!

(New!) A Maverick lion attacks a Japanese Kwik E Mart.

(New!) Sigma gives X a good yelling-at. And look! It's Vile!

(New!) Zero punches out Vile. Yay!

(New!) I simply had to scan this one for Zero's smile. Again.