Besides being a holy terror of a word, "Scanlation" refers to the ultimate in fan dedication ... entire mangas, scanned and translated from Japanese.

And the good news is that Rockman mangas are not an exception to this hallowed practise.

Rockman Tanjou has an extremely impressive library. You'll find scanslations of:

  • Rockman Birth (Chapter One of Rockman Megamix, Volume 1 by Ariga)

  • Mega Mission (Rockman X story from Rockman Remix by Ariga)

  • Rockman Zero (Rockman Zero manga by Hideto Kajima)

    More is to follow, so visit Rockman Tanjou regularily! Also, floss.


    For your X fix, Dr Neko has come through with his friend, AyameZero and provided us with an ongoing scanlation of the Rockman X mangas!

    (September 9, 2005)Chapters seven and eight are done!

    So? What are you waiting for? These translations won't read themselves.

  • Rockman X Scanlation

    (I'm reminded of how badly I need to finish my own manga section revamp...)

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