Photoshop Abuse. Every so often, I'll do something stupid at Megaman's expense. But being an equal opportunity offender, sometimes I'll exploit other characters, too.

Here's a gallery of dumb stuff I've done. Most of this stuff has appeared on my LiveJournal or elsewhere over the past months, but it tends to get lost to time ... thankfully.

Tread a little carefully here, I can be pretty unfeminine and crass. :(

ciel, elpizo

Being of small bladder myself, I've learned a lot about loos in my lifetime. It's only natural (sorry) that I wonder where Ciel, the only human in the Reploid Resistence, goes for her thinking time. I'm sure she faces all sorts of unique challenges ...

ciel, elpizo

Zero and Ciel, the Married Years. People who saw the previous picture of Ciel and Elpizo complained that it wasn't filthy enough. Who am I to disagree? This was my gift to them.


Oops! Non-Megaman! The explaination is already branded on this, and it's pretty self-explanitory anyway.

"Heeeey Old Megaman!"
"Yes, New Megaman?"

"Is there a penny stuck in my butt?"

"... ... ... I don't know New Megaman, let me check!"

...Well, see, we have an old Bandai MM figure and one of the new ones by Jazzwares. I figure that if they could get together, this is probably what they'd say to each other. To hell with the threat of Wily and his Robot Masters, right? When you've got a penny up your colon, nothing else matters.

Given the banner of Mechadrake itself, you really shouldn't be too surprised by this one.

I can't believe I did this. Wait, yes I can. Poor Dr Hikari is always so busy working, he probably gets all Whacky-Professored when it's actually time to come home and get some.

Kattelox Video Dating Service
When a dancing monkey just doesn't cut it anymore.
Desperate Case #665: Roll "Hi! I'm Roll! My idea of the perfect date is a candlelit dinner and a movie, followed up by a romantic walk on the beach. I like kittens, Oasis, and chocolate. Give me a call sometime!"
Desperate Case #666: Tron "If you date Roll, you'll get 27 unknown kinds of STDs."

I ganked this joke from, and replaced the characters with Legends characters. It works pretty well when you consider the girls' personalities. I wonder if there are even 27 undiscovered STDs out there?

"This dude standing beside me is wearing a really fucked-up jacket -- can I cap him?"

Joke courtesy of Get Your War On. When I saw this picture in the Sky Room of Command Mission, that dialogue immediately sprang to mind.

"...I also once saw my dad walk into a gay bath house. Well, it hurt, but I moved on. And look at me now! Now I DRIVE the School Bus!"

This was a screencap from one of the Rockman EXE animes. Tohru looked so sad, and it seemed as if Higsby was saying something to him, so I took advantage of their tender moment. As it turns out, Tohru was just turning on the radio and Higsby was watching like the voyuer he is. Oh baby, twist that knob.

Someday I'll come up with my own lines. Someday.

"Oh God, it burns! What did Mayl give me...?"

"I don't think blood's supposed to come out of there, boy."

EXE stuff again. This is so remarkably easy, thanks to Rockman EXE Online, which has generous libraries of screencaps ... including this one of Barrel and Lan using their PETs. Innocent enough 'til you apply a cropping tool and a sick imagination. Now they're peeing up a wall.

I don't think all you males appreciate how easy you have it what with your being able to pee standing up.

This is very dirty and immature and I do not approve. (Much.)

"Hey mister! When are we going to get to the Super-Secret Ice Cream Shop already?"

Oh come on, that's exactly what you're thinking. Then again, it's not like I was smart enough to come up with a joke straight out of Obvious Town ... what we have here is actually inspired by the classic and awesome "Philippe is Kidnapped" story arc from Achewood.

(New!) For all your Motivational needs. You can print it out and put it next to your boss' tacky photo of the eagle flying above mountains and bold-impact "EXCELLENCE"

(New!) Oh my goodness, it's Hotel Dusk: Room 215. I imagined a certain scribbled correspondence between Kyle Hyde and mute mystery girl, Mila. But it makes absolutely no sense unless you're an Achewood fan, and even then the joke is kind of sketchy.

Sketchy! HA HA! See what I did there?

All right, go home. Woof woof!