Two years ago, several of you chipped in and helped LBD and I when our computer went kaboom. I solicited donations and promised items in return.

No, I haven't forgotten. Not by a long shot. I have every intention of paying you all back.

So what's taking me so long?

It's a two-fold thing. First, I'm waiting on a friend of mine to draw up the cover for the print of Bass is Not a Fish. Second, we're sort of broke and couldn't afford to mail all the stuff out at this moment.

No, this isn't to ask you all to donate so I can afford to send out the gifts. That's just stupid. XD But the problem is the same, at its root: Money.

I'll cut the sob story and give you the Coles notes version (or Cliffs notes, for those of you in Amerikay). The past few years have been pretty rough. LBD immigrated to Canada from the States, and was supposed to aquire the paperwork for a work permit in an easy Immigration process.

But who counted on September 11th?

After that event, the queue of Immigrant paperwork was wiped out, and we were forced to wait an additional year, which was a major strain on our savings.

He can work now ... the problem is finding a job. It's been a topsy-turvy trip these past few years, full of odd sickness and layoffs and frustrating bad luck in general.

I'm confident that things will get better in the near future, but we could really, really use a small boost. Indeed, I write for 1UP now, but it's not enough to cover our bums. I'm also in the market for a part-time job and am not having much success.

I can't offer any incentives this time around, other than a happy face. So here's a preview: ^___

I know a lot of you have money trouble yourselves, especially those of you who just came back from Otakon, and/or are saving up to go back to school. There is no reason to do this if you don't want to, or can't. The page isn't in any sort of trouble; I don't pay for my hosting, thankfully. This is strictly personal-life crappo.

Anything is appreciated, if you can manage it.

The Paypal address is (or click on the button). If you can help and you want to discuss alternate methods of payment, mail me at Samus (at) mechadrake (dot) com.

Fangs a lot.