Mailing List

Well, it's been a good run of years, but I'm retiring the Mechadrake Mailing List.

Why? It's simply not needed anymore. Nowadays, you can find my fanfics on the 'net faster than you can find a prostitute in London's red light district. Here's a list of places to look:

The Pit of Voles (AKA

The Community

My LiveJournal (I immediately post any new chapters)

The site itself. (Well, duh.)

The mailing list started out with a mere handful of names when I used to send chapters of Zero Tolerance for consumption by the criminally insane. It grew to have almost two hundred members. I'm happy about that, but it served more of a purpose when I didn't have a place to stable my crap. Now that I have more shit-space than I could've ever dreamed of ... well ... it's been good. ;) Besides, I'm not happy with Yahoo's slapping ads into my emails.