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This is what I originally created the page for, so I really should treat this section a little less like a public piss-pot.

I started writing Megaman X fanfiction in spring of 1995. I lifted the lid of the Internet and vomited up my first work, Zero Tolerance. Since then, my stories have kind of cut loose, made names for themselves, inspired love, hate, RPGs, and there's been recurring rumours involving the impregnation of cows. What's all the fuss about? I'm not sure, but maybe you could read my stuff and let me know!

Before you pass judgement on me, please read this short fanfic FAQ! Then you can sharpen your axe and look at my thank you list.

NOTE: To hold you up for one more second ... my fanfics are not canon. They never were canon. They're not meant to be canon. They're not quite Alternate Universe either, but don't expect anything that's really true to the games (see a more complete explaination in the FAQ below). Try and have a good time anyway. :D~

Zero ToleranceSigma's been run down for the third time, and Vile is in charge of the Mavericks. The infamously lethal reploid wants revenge. His right hand, Phoenix, wants to humiliate and humble the Hunters. The Mavericks want to play Hungry Hungry Hippos. An interesting revelation is then discovered about Zero, one that could potentially destroy his reputation and end the human race. The first step is to catch him ...

ZT is back! With thanks to Dragoon12, who dived into the murky depths of the 'net and fished out a non-corrupt HTML file. Zero Tolerance is old, as in "I wrote this when I was 15" old. I wish it would go away, or I could hide under a rock whenever swaggers across my path with its wonky adjectives and reploid physics. But it's a part of Megaman fanfic history. I guess.

Content: Pretty safe. Mild swearing, a couple of suggestive jokes, nothing that'll frost your grandmother's preserves. 9 and up.

Bass is Not a Fish
Dr Wily has sunk into a depression at the worst possible time, and Bass realises that it's up to him to spark Wily's love of conquest once again. He raids Dr Light's lab for a little trinket or two that might cheer his master up, but the design schematics he actually nets goes far beyond the realm of knick-knacks and what-nots. Zero is soon born, and it's Bass' job to educate his new brother. Zero predictably grows up vicious and sickened by the sight of humans crawling on the earth that was promised to him. So how is it that this Crimson Demon becomes one of humanity's greatest protectors?

Bass is Not a Fish is a deceptive title; it's really more about Zero and his life during the first Maverick Wars. The best way to describe it is a bridge between Megaman 7 and Megaman X. This fanfic also introduces characters like Red Draco and Genesis. In addition, there's a good deal more about Celeste, the human Huntress who was in ZT and didn't do much of anything. The early chapters are kind of written clumsily, but it all gets a little more tolerable towards the end, I promise.

Content: Some violence, blood, sweary words, and themes that are a little more suggestive than they were in ZT. 12 and up.

Trip Through Your Wires
The Fourth Maverick War is over, but something about the ensuing peace feels uneasy. Even more unsettling is Dr Cain's sudden sickness, which ushers in his son, Monroe, as his replacement. Monroe's got his own ideas about how the HQ should be run, and his methods aren't popular. He evidently senses something funny about Zero, who's struggling to keep his bloody past from spilling out of his seams. Things aren't going well with Celeste, either. Why does she keep dreaming about half-remembered bits of her childhood and her father, Jake? And what does Jake's past have to do with the shadowy humans who keep bringing down the Hunters?

On top of it all, Iris has been resurrected, and she has plans for herself and Zero ...

Trip Through Your Wires is a work in progress with a storyline that's a bit more complicated than BNF and ZT, with all sorts of twisty turny subplots. It stands to be a very long piece of work, and thankfully, I'm writing a lot faster than I was when I started it. ;)

Content: The swearing and themes are up a notch from BNF, but it's still nothing that'll destroy America's collective youth. 13 and up.


Q: "What order do I read these in?"

A: Technically, you should go in the order they're listed: ZT, BNF, TTYW. It's not necessary, though. In fact, although TTYW is a direct sequel to ZT, it expands much more on themes presented in BNF. However, there are plenty of people out there who are reading TTYW without reading either of the other 'fics, and they're not having a hard time keeping the plot straight (I frequently slip plot summaries into the narration or character dialogue).

Q: "Your fanfics are all wrong. Zero doesn't know about his past in the games, so why does he know about it in your fanfics? Why isn't Megaman 8 addressed in BNF? Where is Zero's fight with Sigma from X4? etc."

A: I get this one a lot. I wrote Zero Tolerance in 1995, just shortly after X3 came out. There wasn't much in the way of character background yet, other than the revelation that Wily created Zero. So I, like many fanfic writers back then, expanded on that. I was in the middle of BNF when X4 came out with details about Zero's past, and although I could probably squeeze the Sigma / Zero battle in there, it would probably end up as an ugly mess. So I just went with what I'd already come up with, and carried said plot points into TTYW. (Same goes for BNF; Megaman 8 wasn't released until the early bits of the story were already done. It was too late for this poor sinning soul).

Q: "How quickly do chapters come out?"

A: On average, one chapter a month. Each chapter ranges between 20-30k (5 to 8 pages, single spaced), so you get a hefty chunk of reading. Sometimes I can take much longer though, because I suck.

Q: "Eeeeeew, fancharacters! Ew ew ew ew!"

A: Please, grow up. Although it's not like your fears aren't misplaced; there are a lot of bad Mary Sues roaming and breeding out there. And it's likely a lot of new readers are going to be turned off BNF when they see Red Draco in there. But when I wrote her in, fancharacters and self-inserts weren't frowned on. No one really knew what the term Mary Sue meant, at least no one in the Megaman fanfic writing circle. A lot more people are probably going to be turned off by the Celeste / Zero relationship. Again, by the time X4 and Iris came into being, a big chunk of BNF was done. Yes, Celeste "looks" like me, but I'm not living my fantasies through her. Young writers tend to write what's familiar. I described myself, because it was easy. Also, Celeste was there to serve a specific purpose; romantic human and reploid relationships, which, interestingly enough, is a theme in the Megaman Zero series.

It's totally up to you if you want to read stuff with fancharacters or not, but if you avoid them entirely, you're really missing out on some great stuff by ultra talented writers. What it comes down to is, good writing is good writing and bad writing is bad writing regardless of the characters used.

Q: "Can you mail me your fanfics / Can you send me specific chapters / Do you have a .zip or .txt file of your stuff available for download?"

A: I can't mail out my fanfics, nor can I send you specific chapters. The good news is, there's no need for me to. :) Here's a list of where to find my 'fics in their entirety, as well as information on how to access the latest chapters of TTYW as they come out.

.zip and .txt files are both shining ideas, one I've been meaning to get around to for ages and ages. You'll see them around ... someday ...

Q: "Can I use mechadrakes / your fancharacters in my 'fic, RP, etc?"

A: I usually have no problem with this. Just make sure you mail me and list your intentions. Also, please don't do anything too whacky with them. There have been a number of instances where I let someone use one of my fancharacters, and said character ends up as a punching bag for someone's overpowered Mary Sue. That's not cool. None of my fancharacters are invincible by any means, but be reasonable.

Q: "Will you use my fancharacters in your fanfic?"

A: Usually, no. I have used other people's characters, but I approach the creators of the ones I do use, not the other way around.

Q: "Can I draw your fancharacters? / Which ones can I draw?"

Hells yes, you can. I love fanart. All I ask is that you let me see it. ;) As for whom to draw? Up to you. Red Draco, Celeste,and Genesis are all popular choices. I'm partial to pictures of Jake, myself. I also like it when someone illustrates a specific scene from a 'fic.

Q: "You have spelling mistakes in your fanfics."

A: I know. Isn't it a disgrace? I've been meaning to get rid of some of those. Please keep in mind, though, that I use British / Canadian spelling, so don't mail me about words like "Honour" and "Colour" being wrong (yes, I get those emails).

Q: "Why don't you publish your fanfics?"

A: 'Cause it's fanfic. ;) The quality of writing fluctuates a lot, even between chapters themselves, and just isn't publishable. Besides, I don't own Megaman, X, or Zero or any of the lot. Lately though, companies seem to be a lot more receptive to marketing fanfic as serious novels than they used to. I'd love to write a Megaman X novel. Maybe I will. But I won't use anything that's been previously written (BNF and TTYW included).


Special thanks go out to my friends and fans, the ones who read my stuff and aren't afraid to tell me what they think, for better or worse. Thanks is also due to those of you who've been reading my crap since the days of ZT. Images for the Title Banners were nicked from: IRA, Maqqy, Wave,, MyuuToo, and Zaphkiel, who doesn't have a webpage because she sucks. Customer appreciation hug!