JUNE 24TH 2007 -- Hi! We're moving our server! The URL will remain the same, of course, so don't you worry none. The oekaki probably won't work during the server move, so I took the link down temporarily.

MARCH 21st 2007 -- Nope, site's not dead. But the fanart is. There just ain't any need for it no more. You've got your Photobucket. You've got your Deviantart. You've got your instant feedback. What an age we live in!

The gallery, of course, is static. I won't be deleting it or nothin'. It's still quite a collection and much of the art is from a bygone era. Let's call it ... a museum. Then we can adjust our monacles and stroll through the hallways.

I putzed around, cleaned some broken links, fixed some outdated information. For your viewing pleasure, Stupid is updated, and so is Trip Through Your Wires, which is still ongoing holy hell Jesus Mary and Joseph preserve us all.

MAY 7th, 2006 -- Hay u guyse. Mechadrake's going through some bandwidth issues that I'll hopefully resolve after E3, so for now, all I can do's is gives yas updated Trip Through Your Wires. Chapters 27 and 28.

I'm also hoping we'll see you around the new Mechadrake Livejournal Community!

DECEMBER 9th, 2005 -- I've got lots of content updated, and if you don't like it, I can change!

Commissions are open again, Chapter 27 was added to Trip Through Your Wires, The Stupid Page has a couple of new things 'cause I can never resist wasting time, and The Megaman section has recieved a couple of new plot write-ups.

I also fixed a major error floating around in the Metroid manga.

Merry Happy to you and yours!

SEPTEMBER 10th, 2005 -- What now, Guv?

Updates include: Fanart, Chapters 25 and 26 of TTYW, a modification to the Metroid Manga that might make it easier to read, and a whole slew of new Scanlations.

MAY 3rd, 2005 -- Happy birthday to my delicious nutritious husband, LBD Nytetrayn!

It's time to have fun. Believe it or not, volume 2 of the translated Metroid Manga is now up! We also have TTYW 24 and something mysterious from beyond the stars.

Dr Neko also has chapter 6 of the Rockman X manga scanlation done. This day is WIN! for people who don't understand Japanese.

FEBRUARY 25th, 2005 -- Have you been keeping up with the Scanlations? They've been busy over at Dr Neko's lab, while I've been busy ... staring at the wall.

But I'm finally off my arse! There's a big fanart update, I updated the Stupid page (I'm more fond of that thing than can possibly be healthy), and ... thanks to Dragoon12 ... Zero Tolerance is back. I can't decide whether to celebrate or cry in dismay, so flee while I'm still confused.

Content updates soon.

Hey, we turned seven!

OCTOBER 13th, 2004 -- Not a whole bunch just yet, but hey! TTYW has been updated with chapter 23, and the Scanlation of the Rockman X manga has seen the addition of two new chapters.

AUGUST 15th, 2004 -- A mighty crapload of Fanart, Trip Through Your Wires 22, A desperate, pathetic plea, More Stupid, and a real treat ... a Rockman X scanlation!

Wots of Wub,

- Me.

MAY 28th, 2004 -- Uh-huh. Well, we have a couple of new sections. There's Stupid, which, prepare for a shock, is full of stupid stuff that may make you giggle regardless. When you sober up, here's something to bite your tail and suck out your energy -- a Metroid manga, translated and delivered lovingly to you. Further explainations are offered on the page. Enjoy!

I've also finally updated the About Me page, which was only about five years out of date. I did chapter 3 for the BNF notes and a small correction to the Thank You page.

Uh ... I know there's probably more, but I'm spacing out right now. A fanart update is in the works, and I wish I could say the same for TTYW 22, but TTYW's status tends to change with the winds, so don't despair like I'm doing right now.

MARCH 20th, 2004 -- Fanart! Also, TTYW 21 and an update to the Commissions page.

DECEMBER 7th, 2003 -- Finally updated the little dusty corner that holds my fanfics. And might I add, it's about bloody time. There are new images, new summaries, and a ribbed FAQ for your pleasure.

I also updated the Commissions section a bit.

NOVEMBER 19th, 2003 -- Fanart. Trip Through Your Wires 20. Important info about the mailing list (ie, it doesn't exist anymore). Sorry for the wait, but I do so love this new home of ours. I also put up a link to my Deviantart account. If you have one, feel free to stop by and say hello.

OCTOBER 12th, 2003 -- Just a notice on the main page. You can keep sending fanart, btw, and I can likely squeeze it in this update.

SEPTEMBER 18th, 2003 -- Due to the recent scramble of packing and getting the hell out of our current place of residence (and being posessed to write like a madwoman), the site got neglected a little. Fortunately, I did some caretaking. TTYW sees chapters 18 and 19 go up, there's something new and fun over at the Muse section, and I updated the Commissions page to include an FAQ. Fanart will have to wait a little bit longer, but I've already started that update.

AUGUST 3rd, 2003 -- Big fanart update!

I'm trying something new: Commissions. Check it out and I love you.

Keep coming back over the next few days for fun things, including TTYW, updated sections, and with any luck, the new MM manga section.

JULY 4th, 2003 -- o/~ Ceeelebrate oekakis, C'mon! o/~

I'm very hard at work at the manga section. I think it'll be easier now that I actually know what I want it to look like. There will also be a fanart update sooner than later. There's more traffic than usual, probably because schooool's out for summer. Can you pick out two musical references in this log entry? I can.

JUNE 8th, 2003 -- I didn't anticipate a bad cold and an ear infection, either. Sorry, meant to get a bit more of an update before going away.

BD and I are going on a vacation so we can catch up with the family, and so that I can rest and reduce the chances of my head and / or heart exploding. Be back in about two weeks. I plan to work on TTYW 18 during my break, so hurrah!

MAY 29th, 2003 -- ...Okay, I didn't anticipate server troubles. Who does?

I still managed to get a big fanart update going. TTYW chapters 16 and 17 are up, although if you haven't read it by now in one of its billion other locales, you probably don't care about the story. ;)

I still have some catching up to do, and I'm trying to think of a design for the new manga section. If manga scans go missing in the next while, don't be surprised. It's all part of nature's healing process, durrr!

APRIL 4th, 2003 -- The Fanart Gallery is revamped and updated! OMFG. Easily the biggest task on my plate, other updates will soon follow. Not sure what's next. Maybe the manga gallery.

I was also wrong about the TTYW release date. Sorry. :( It's been a month of bad luck. But it should be soon, very soon. Ech.

MARCH 11th, 2003 -- New notice, some new buttons / links, and a preview of the new fanart section! Sorry it's not more, I was unexpectedly recruited for extra hours at work cuz of March break. The next TTYW release will be poking its head into the world within the next couple of days. Sorry, make that 'heads.' It's going to be a two-chapter affair. Zoinks! Let's get outta here, Scoob!

FEBRUARY 26th, 2003 -- Did a big update and clean up in the X characters section. I almost have a picture for every character up ... finding good, clean artwork is harder than originally anticipated.

There's also a new notice, so, uh, notice it.

FEBRUARY 12th, 2003 -- Well, this update came a little later than I'd first hoped; we were housesitting for my parents and 100 bucks is 100 bucks.

But here you go, I got my Megaman Zero characters section up!

I owe some people email. That'll come soon. ^_^

FEBRUARY 1st, 2003 -- 2000 and--! Holy. We've been alive for five years. I canna believe.

Fanart, plus Trip Through Your Wires 15, and a small update to the BNF manga artist list. Yeah, this ain't much altogether, but if you've noticed the main page, I plan to change all that. Can I get a w00p w00p?

NOVEMBER 28th, 2002 -- Well, it wouldn't be an update without fanart now, would it?

I also got Trip Through Your Wires chapters 13 and 14 up. Yeah, that's Jesus streaking across the sky right now, with a bottle marked "Apocalypse." Taste the freshness. And He's removing the cork right now, becuase I also updated the BNF Manga! Holy shnookies!

SEPTEMBER 29th, 2002 -- Yay! (Balloons, confetti) We're back!

Just in time, too. BD and I will be visiting his parents in NC for a couple of weeks, so I had to rush the update a bit. Tons of fanart is here to keep you busy.

I'm also shutting off the fanzine section until the next update because it's being revised. Yes, I think you're all going to like this.

Oh! I should've announced it a while ago, but it totally slipped my mind. In the donations section, I announced the winners of the manga prize package thing. I'll get in touch with the winners once we land in NC.

Remember, if your fanart didn't appear, you can resend. And resend BNF manga chapters, those of you who submitted. Remember the new address.

SEPTEMBER 21st, 2002 -- Oh, so close to an update, I can taste it on the wind. The computer is back, but I'm still taking donations and whoring out gifts!

There's a temporary halt on fanart submissions until the next update, but I'm hoping you knew that.

AUGUST 11th, 2002 -- I am feeling very homeless today.

JUNE 15th, 2002 -- Psst! The best meat's in the rump. I spent hours updating the fanart, so enjoy it all or I kill you.

We also have updates to the Fanzine, Muse Crap, the BNF artist list (I didn't post any new chapters yet, I burned myself out on the fanart), TTYW 12, and I finally posted my X5 summary.

I didn't get Vornskr Libraries updated like I'd hoped, but what else is in the ticker? Maybe next time! La! I've got to sleep for a few hours before work now.

MAY 6th, 2002 -- Still got lots of updating to do, mainly on game content itself (tch), and original stories, but here's a big one to tide you over.

Needless to say, fanart is updated, and there's some new BNF manga chapters up! Look at the artist list while you're there ... it's been updated as well.

There's some important Fanzine updates, so look at that if you're participating! By the way, if you submitted something and I never got back to you, drop me a line again. Sometimes my head goes on adventures by itself.

Oh! I finally got some mangas scanned for the first time in, what, years? Not as many as I would've liked though. My computer blew a massive fart and decided it was the quitting time whistle. It just didn't want to scan anymore. Sorry. I should have more up soon.

Trip Through Your Wires 11 is up, and 12 has already begun. I desperately need to update Vornskr Libraries, so look for that next time. If you seriously care that much about my original writing (ha ha ha!), you can check out my Elfwood gallery for some of the stuff.

I think that's it for now. Bluh.

MARCH 26th, 2002 -- I know I promised you manga scans. And they're not here. I'm sorry. I'm bad. But I had to get an update done before the downtime, you see.

fanart is updated. And I cleaned up the BNF Manga artist list, so chapters are open again. You're only allowed one at a time now, however.

I'm also taking submissions for the Mechadrake Fanzine! Check it out. Can't wait to see what you've got. >:)

FEBRUARY 17th, 2002 -- Fanart! TTYW! and Hot male strippers!

It's a joke. Hush. ;)

There's also some VERY IMPORTANT information over at the BNF Manga artist list. Oh, and I updated a bit of stuff in the Fanzine! And I tidied up the About Me page.

I was going to fix some things up at the Maverick Zero Contest page, but I'm too bloody tired.

You know what? Next update I'm gonna scan some manga. I haven't done that in ages.

JANUARY 18, 2002 -- Four dang years of Mechadrakes. Can you believe it?

Unless you're totally feeble, you'll notice the revamp is finished! We have several new sites, including one for a fanzine. The links are down for now, I don't have time to putz around with those yet. And a couple of summaries still have to be done for the Megaman Nest. But still!--it's all here. :D

There's a new guestbook too, if you care to sign!

The Maverick Zero contest is done! Gape at the winner! Thanks to all who entered!

Other than that, I'm not listing all that's new here. Fanart's been updated, I'll give you that hint. Along with the BNF manga, which I still need to post some more updates on (I got more pages from RaijinK.)

TTYW 10 is also underway. I'm not working 'cause I came down with something real weird. I might be able to go back soon, and I might not. We'll see.